Whirling into,
A sea of dreams,
I hit pause.
For I will stay,
Stay a while
Buried in these crystal dreams.

If I had the task of finding a word to describe how the past year went by, I think I’d go with “discovery”. Discovery of a new self, discovering a foreign city or just a new light on that same old boundary wall, discovering new boundaries with work and simply re-discovering the (temporarily astray) passion to experiment.

I wouldn’t get around to preaching like a completely transformed self because I'm sure I’m not all the way there. But here's the thing about change, it makes its way to us - somewhere, somehow. So I sit here, dreaming in the little dizzy trap of change, looking forward. To the new and to what I can create this year.

As there’s a lot more to come, I leave this post open-ended. For now, my dreams and milky chai beckon..



white (1).png
white (2).png

Gazing up at the blinding daylight
I float on and watch
The skies too white for their expanse to be fathomed.

I let the sea foam wash over me,
Here I am, weightless,
Floating —far far away from the shore.

White waves crash into the clouds
The sky kisses the sea.
And I, immersed,
Look for a camouflage
Only so I could reach within me deeper.

In collaboration with Vajor via Wooplr


Kolkata 2017.png
Kolkata 2017 (1).png
Kolkata 2017 (3).png
Kolkata 2017 (5).png
Kolkata 2017 (6).png


Memories unravel
Nostalgia wraps itself around you
Like that same old checkered blanket,
Worn in; comforting.

This time too you come home
In hopes of
Discovering a new light.

And even with the hundredth goodbye,
Deep down you know,
The touch of the city will
Forever linger.


It’s strange indeed -  waking up to a new sunrise. The buzzing city swallowing you up into its unfamiliarity.

Confused is the soul, as euphoria and melancholy steal their turns to take over.

It’s strange indeed - falling asleep under a new set of stars. Skies too cold from the lack of being worn in.

But slowly, before you realise, simple things unknowingly suck you in; into a warm embrace. And just like that, with the smell of rain against the low hum of a favourite mellow beat, you discover a new home.