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Overcome by pale waves, skin etched with tan lines, getting back into bed after breakfast, reading through mid-afternoon rains and chasing ice-cream trucks - here’s a set of postcards that encapsulate the sunny, sticky, happy mess that summer is.

For this project I took the roles of blogger, conceptualiser and photographer - the best of all worlds. I worked with Colorbar to create imagery by taking a trip down to the happy place in my mind, where summer vacations meant collecting little trinkets and postcards.

I’ve spent the year exploring myself creatively and learning a little every single day. The best way to quantify growth is to do work that makes you happy. Sure, I have new additions to my to-do list everyday but for now I’m smiling at where its all headed.

Photography: Chahat Kathotia & Dhwani Kathotia
Concept & Words: Dhwani Kathotia



Photography, Concept & Styling DHWANI KATHOTIA

It is not often that you get invited to a complimentary pampering session by one of the city’s most renowned salons. But when do, you jump at the opportunity and grab it of course. When Jean Claude Biguine asked me to come in to try out their Organic Manicures, I was all kinds of excited for my afternoon of spoiling.

The first thing I learnt was that the treatment I was offered was one of the first to consist of completely organic ingredients. The relaxing process consisted of a four step system (Dead Sea Salt Soak, Sugar Scrub, Moisture Mask and Massage Cream); the kind of process after which all you need is to curl up into a long afternoon nap. There’s no doubt why I picked my mani-pedi flavour to be the ‘Milk + Honey and White Chocolate’ one (aah sounds delicious enough to eat!). The idea of this manicure/pedicure was to re-energize through all five senses: touch, smell, sight, taste and sound - trust me it did exactly that!   

While I may not be a big make-up buff, nail paint has always been of interest to me. Constantly trying new colours, and collecting bottles and bottles of reds (the difference in shade probably only visible to me), I see painting my nails as a therapeutic stress releaser. My love-hate relationship with manicures continues as I fondly paint my nails on one night and then curse the nail, colour and pretty much everything else when it chips off the very next. Yes, this cycle happens to me much too often. Fun fact though? The JCB manicure was the ONLY one that lasted me a week almost, furthest I’ve ever been with my manicure affairs.


Smokey Eyes with M.A.C


Featuring Carbon Eye Shadow and Smolder Eye Kohl Pencil by M.A.C

A few years ago if someone asked me to do a make-up tutorial or post, I would most likely laugh and shout out a big ‘hell no.’ Actually let alone a few years ago, even now I would probably think I’m the last person to be doing a makeup post. Firstly, because I barely use/own any. And secondly, because my clumsiness takes over all the finesse and skills needed for the task.

But when I watched the M.A.C smokey eyes video, I was tempted to take up the challenge and give it a shot. It is secretly one of the makeup classics that I’ve always wanted to test out. Who would say no to some M.A.C goodies right! So here I am with my version of Mickey Contactor’s Bollywood Smokey Eye.

Being the makeup amateur that I am, I obviously didn’t get too creative with the look and followed the makeup guru’s tutorial word for word. Turns out, it’s not as hard as you imagine! Just gather up all the beauty products you have (borrow from mum, in my case!) and get started!

Step One: Apply a cream coloured base over the eyes. I picked a slightly shimmery shade for this one. After which it is advised to gently dab on some powder so as to keep the makeup uniform.

Step Two: This is the fun part. Apply a thin line of any liquid or gel eyeliner and smudge it lightly before it dries. I love this step mainly because it is easy to rectify all your uneven eyeliner mistakes while smudging. If the eyeliner fades out near the lashes while smudging, feel free to reapply a thin coat over the parts you want to darken.

Step Three: Smokey eyes with two shades works wonders (and also prevents you from looking too goth like). I applied a brown eye shadow over the entire lid. Mine was slightly dark brown so I mixed it with a light pink to give it a lighter feel.

Step Four: Here I took Carbon by M.A.C and applied it on the corners of my eyes, extending it slightly and creating a light wing. Make sure this is darkest on the outer corners and lightens up gradually. After which, a highlighter along the brows and some mascara helped to accentuate the look further.

Step Five: For the lower lid, I took the black eye pencil by M.A.C and applied a thin line along the water line. I love how a light brown eye shadow and some Carbon below the lashes complete the overall look.

For someone who is usually skeptical about elaborate makeup like smokey eyes, for the fear of looking too over the top or it being too bold, I love how perfectly this turned out. The two toned eye shadows give it a comparatively more delicate touch. It is such a highlight that nude lips and an otherwise au naturale face was all I needed to finish off the look.

So this season, experiment with a new look and give smokey eyes a shot. If I can do it, trust me, anyone can!

P.S. Watch Mickey Contractor's tutorial here: