They were marred,
Plucked on,
And tied down.
But they stayed put;
Resilient as her soul.
For the flight was destined
Somewhere, many skies away.
And no world today could take away her



 My anxious mind couldn’t get out of bed. Inhale. Exhale. Time to declutter, I thought.

The thoughts spilled out, all at once. They fell to the floor like flowers dispersed by a light breeze. An overwhelming sight, these thoughts laid out raw with their infant buds and thorny stems.

I picked them up, one by one. Whether perfect or awry, each floret had a destiny to follow, a coherence attached to it, a place to end up in. Some were gently preserved in a vase by the window; some left out to dry between pages of over-read novel, each rationalized to fit beautifully in its fate.

They somehow don’t seem so daunting now do they?

Featuring: Ava by Urth Label | Concept & Words: Dhwani Kathotia | Photography: Chahat Kathotia



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MLC 2-02.jpg
MLC 2-03.jpg

Overcome by pale waves, skin etched with tan lines, getting back into bed after breakfast, reading through mid-afternoon rains and chasing ice-cream trucks - here’s a set of postcards that encapsulate the sunny, sticky, happy mess that summer is.

For this project I took the roles of blogger, conceptualiser and photographer - the best of all worlds. I worked with Colorbar to create imagery by taking a trip down to the happy place in my mind, where summer vacations meant collecting little trinkets and postcards.

I’ve spent the year exploring myself creatively and learning a little every single day. The best way to quantify growth is to do work that makes you happy. Sure, I have new additions to my to-do list everyday but for now I’m smiling at where its all headed.

Photography: Chahat Kathotia & Dhwani Kathotia
Concept & Words: Dhwani Kathotia


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white (2).png

Gazing up at the blinding daylight
I float on and watch
The skies too white for their expanse to be fathomed.

I let the sea foam wash over me,
Here I am, weightless,
Floating —far far away from the shore.

White waves crash into the clouds
The sky kisses the sea.
And I, immersed,
Look for a camouflage
Only so I could reach within me deeper.

In collaboration with Vajor via Wooplr


It’s strange indeed -  waking up to a new sunrise. The buzzing city swallowing you up into its unfamiliarity.

Confused is the soul, as euphoria and melancholy steal their turns to take over.

It’s strange indeed - falling asleep under a new set of stars. Skies too cold from the lack of being worn in.

But slowly, before you realise, simple things unknowingly suck you in; into a warm embrace. And just like that, with the smell of rain against the low hum of a favourite mellow beat, you discover a new home.