My thoughts meander; they diverge and then collide. Something like the tale of Indian prints. A chaos of motifs and colours, a beautiful mess indeed. My cluttered mind finds solace among the endless skies. And today I leave you, with my pictures to speak a word or two.




Featuring White Maxi Dress from Splash
Rings - Bershka | Belt - Next | Earrings - H&M

Having spent a considerable amount of time curating ensembles, trying one outfit after the other and constantly pinning and repinning outfit inspirations, I find myself designating something new as my “go-to piece” every day. But then, there are always some that take a special precedence over the others. These are the outfits that instantly give you that warm feeling synonymous to that of coming back home. What may be sweatpants for one, could be sparkly stilettos for another, but there’s nothing more than that  particular piece that feels most YOU.

No brownie points for guessing that my fashion abode boils down to three words - flowy, easy-going and most importantly white. Clearly, this white maxi dress from Splash checked all of the boxes. An involuntary gasp as soon as you try it out and you know you’ve found yourself a keeper. The abundance of fabric, the narrow straps with shoulder emphasis, the embroidery detailing and the impossibility of falling short of ways to style it, I saw myself instantly gushing about it, trying to reaffirm my already convinced self.

There’s always a sense of contentment slipping into what best expresses yourself. And on that mellow, cloudy day, with the sound of rain against the window, the smell of rain soaked mud, messy hair and even messier thoughts, no make-up to weigh me down and the hauntingly beautiful dress, I knew that there was just one thing left to do: dance like no one’s watching.

Photography: My Feet Stories




Featuring Jumpsuit from Splash
White Tee - H&M | Choker - ASOS | Embellished Flats - Massimo Dutti | Stilettos - Pedro

Heritage. Powerful. Officewear. Suits. Menswear. These are words you’d typically associate with the Princes of Wales Check, one of fall’s biggest trends. But this season, we’re taking over this so called “menswear” trend and adding to our wardrobes: a dash of power dressing. This little prince of wales checked jumpsuit is the perfect example of taking something classic and giving it a modern twist. As usual, I let my conflicting moods get the better of me and styled this outfit in two ways. One with my current favourite style trick of layering-in and the other as a classic zero-effort-friday-night-out ensemble.

Thinking of styling versatile pieces in multiple ways brings me to a concern that I feel needs urgent addressing. It can be summed up as simply as repeating clothes is OKAY. People have set standards of never repeating outfits and bloggers often reinforce this frivolous idea.  But in all honesty, we are not headed down the right path with this false mindset.  Sustainable fashion is a pressing issue and not just with regards to production. In fact being a sustainable consumer plays an equal part. So style it one way, two ways, seven ways, this year, next year or even after five years, but be conscious before letting go of it. Consume less, create more.

So as I come up with more creative techniques to re-style and upcycle, I leave you here with my thoughts.

Photography: My Feet Stories



Featuring Knitted Dress from Splash
Bomber Jacket - Vintage | Statement Earrings - Auhna Creations |
Heels - Boutique, Italy | Trainers - New Look

Fashion blogger or not, we’re all on a constant shopping quest to finding something new, something different or actually just something that no one else has! This takes me to a little story about my experience with Splash. I’d have to confess that before last week, I rarely ever shopped there. But after coming back to Bangalore, my eager search for newness took me on an afternoon trip to the Splash store here. Another confession? My hands were full with hangers waaay before I expected.

One of my picks was the featured knitted bodycon midi. Hold on, what? Did I just say bodycon? It’s  well-known that bodycon dresses are alien to my closet. Yet, I didn’t just take this one off the rack but also dared to bring it back home with me. With this dress, I took my first little leap over a lineup of body insecurities. Because let’s just be honest, we invest a futile amount of time caring about petty inhibitions when the idea of flawlessness in itself is a flaw. Hence presenting, the more empowered and a bit more confident version of me - in a bodycon dress.

Although the dress was a new silhouette, the styling still remained very native. An oversized bomber jacket with my go-to trainers or chunky heels and a classic statement earring - it all fell into place perfectly. Simple, not overly “pretty” and most importantly comfortable, just the way I like it.

When it comes to clothing, there is an excitement attached in how many ways I can style the same piece. Luckily, my Splash haul did not seem to disappoint in this aspect. Stay tuned and you’ll see what I mean!

Photography: My Feet Stories

New Year, New Look.


New Years Eve, you have to agree, is a big deal. Because love it or hate it, you’re going to end up having plans. And if you’re someone as hopeless (read lazy) as I am, you’ll probably hope for a last  minute fairy godmother to show up and get you dressed before the grand night out. Except in this story, you’d probably be dancing away when the clock strikes twelve.

A typical LBD from a mainstream brand? Hell no. We’re all looking for something grand, something different and something that definitely stands out. And this is where Zapyle comes into play. My first encounter with the brand was when I was a part of the style panel at their recent launch. The idea behind it is simple: affordable luxury fashion.

Zapyle revolves around three closets: pre loved (where tons of people are selling their luxury buys), celebrity (where they have blogger and celeb closets to shop from) and store-front (from well known designer stores but at discounted rates). All of the products on the site are at lower and way more affordable prices. The best thing I feel is that they cater to all individual styles, coming under four categories: boho, chic, trendy and classic. So they have something to offer for each style personality that you may identify yourself with! A company that’s built so thoughtfully, Zapyle offers products with no compensation on quality and handles all shippings and deliveries as well.

What really impressed me is their sheer love for fashion. For those of you follow them on social media know how their daily fashion inspirations, what’s hot and what’s not and who wore what updates is all we really need. And with the party season coming up, I thought why not do my own styling post in association with Zapyle!

Being the minimal understated lover that I am, I have tried to master how to dress any simple outfit up. For this post, I have come up with five tips and tricks to dressing your outfit up, to looking out of the ordinary or just to help give some fashion inspiration. So here goes!

Make A Statement

Jumpsuit - Local Brand, KL | Statement Earrings - Auhna Creations | Peacock Clutch - Nine West | Stilettos - Pedro

Whoever said jewellery can make or break an outfit, really did know what he/she was talking about. What if you don’t have an elaborate blingy gown that would match the occasion? Stack up all that  statement jewellery instead.

For this look, I strayed away from feminine dresses and went for a navy jumpsuit instead. There’s just another sense of classiness in simplicity, and that’s what this jumpsuits screams. A set of blingy earrings and hair on one side to show it off, was the way to go for this look. I stuck to minimal makeup, just going heavy on the lashes for a pleasant change. A statement clutch to match, and I was instantly ready to bring the new year in! Letting your accessories do the talking isn’t so bad after all is it!

Go All White

Culotte Jumpsuit - Love Bonito | Statement Necklace - Forever New | Mid-arm Cuff - Lila | Earrings - Auhna Creations | Watch - Michael Kors 

Going all white on New Years Eve is probably the easiest way to stand out. While everyone may be going with the typical all black ensembles, float into the party donning a contrasting white outfit and voila! the job is done.

But at the same time feeling under dressed is something we’d definitely want to avoid. Here I picked a classy pair of cut out culottes and dressed it up with tons of gold baubles to end up feeling like Greek royalty.

Find The Highlight

Grid Dress - Forever 21 | Bag - Iceberg | Necklace - Boutique, Hong Kong | Heels - Dsquared2

I think it is very important to plan out all the pieces you’re going to style before d-day. You don’t want to end up looking like a Christmas tree, all decked up with too much going on. In order to get it right, stick with one favourite piece. Something that you’re sure will be the highlight of your outfit. It could be your dress colour, your hand bag or even your shoes. Keep the rest completely understated and let this piece shine!

Wearing my new favourite pair of heels, I knew instantly that I wouldn’t want anything to distract from this pair. An all monochrome look was the only way to go to let the tri-coloured babies really pop.

Bold Makeup

Palazzos - Chique | Off-shoulder Body Suit - Stalk Buy Love | Bracelet - Lovisa, KL | Heels - Malaysia

Lipstick. Can. Change. The. Game. Whether it’s a casual outfit or something formal, if your lips are on point, half the job is done is what I believe. Though I’m not much of a makeup person, lipstick is probably one of the products that I do religiously use when going out.

So if you’re in the mood for a slightly more comfortable and minimal outfit, another trick is to make sure you go with bold lips/eyes or maybe even both. A heavy winged eye with your favourite shade of red, or a smokey eye with deep brown lips, the options are endless.

I don’t think I could’ve picked a more comfortable outfit to party till dawn in. Palazzos with a body suit is as no fuss as it gets. The off shoulder adds a touch of retro glam and the deep brown hue on the lips totally seal the deal!

Layer It Up

Skater Dress - Forever 21 | Silk Jacket - Delhi | Necklace - Forever 21 | Clutch - Bebe | Stilettos - Pedro

It is winter after all! Not so much in Bangalore though, but hey that’s not stopping us from using those much awaited layers now is it! Add more character to your NYE outfit by throwing on an apt layer over. Ensure that it doesn’t dress down your outfit though, always pick a layer that further enhances it.

To spice up my boring ‘ol LBD, I added a mustard silk jacket that completely took the stage. Longer layers have been around this year and definitely add a more grand feel than shorter ones. If you’re less of a jacket person, capes could be a good idea too!

This jacket made me feel so grand and dolled up my basic black skater dress almost instantly. Super high heels and a clutch to go with the look is all I needed to finish the look of.

These tricks have always helped me get ready not only for NYE but also for a big night out. More than anything, it’s crucial to be confident and comfortable in whatever you’re pulling off. Hope you enjoyed the post. If you’re looking for something fancy yet affordable, Zapyle is your best bet this season!

Happy New Year in advance everyone!

Concept & Styling: Dhwani Kathotia
Photography: Gurpreet Kaur (