Outfit One: Customised Tassle Heels - Talons D'or | Metallic Skirt - Ninebox | Rose Blouse - Zara | Tassle Earrings - H&M
Outfit Two: Nude Stilettos - Monrow | Trousers - Zara | Velvet Bodysuit - Zara | Choker - Dhwani Bansal Official

Seasons come and go, like a routine practiced one times too many. But with each season comes a promise of change, a letting go of what was. The cycle - monotonous; and yet we haven’t ceased to search for novelty each time around. Having said that, how much of what we do is in turn affected by the past? Because in the thick of discovering, we’re also clutching tightly onto the what has been. It’s exciting, this metamorphosis - this coming together of two worlds to make a present - quite like the current fashion scenario. Because much rightly said, it really is the age of “anything works”. This phase of mad mad creation leaves us in a state of flux.

The start of fashion month has my mind wandering into little thoughts of change, creation and where it all leaves me. Quite honestly, it’s not so bad - this phase of transitions. I, for one, reside quite contently in the little haven built amidst the transitions. Holding on to much cherished fashion choices of the past, and never lacking room for a new discovery.

Heels - a daring change. Of colours muted, like falling back into my zone of comfort. Favourite colours and conventional prints but in silhouettes that bring new hope. A little bit of change, a little safety, until it feels just right.


Blank Canvas


Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet from Her Curiosity Jewellery
Separates - Zara | Sunglasses - Burberry | Rings - Monki | Flats - Topshop

With the passing of every season, we see a cyclical movement of obsessions among fashion’s elites - something we can’t help but get a taste of too. It’s been awhile since talks about minimalism has taken over everything. Yes, I mean literally everything. Classic styles, clean cuts, raw makeup, this obsession has bred in us an affiliation towards all things minimal. Being someone with excessive amounts of white clothing, I hopped onto this trend bandwagon without hesitation.

All white would probably be the easiest way to pull off a summer look, and this year we’re not complaining. I eyed these separates in Zara at least five times, quarreling with my mind to fight the urge to buy it. But I gave in (obviously). If it’s white on white, I’ll take it all please!

It sure is all about minimal looks, but there’s no way the accessories will ever be forgotten. Accessorizing to an outfit is the equivalent of what the last piece to a puzzle is - it just brings it all together. So for this look, I took out my box of Her Curiosity jewellery and simply went all out. The advantage of a simple outfit? Adding a necklace, earrings, rings and a bracelet and have it still look subtle. And that’s precisely what I went for! I love the silver pieces with a slight bohemian feel to it.

Her Curiosity is a brand that believes getting dressed is more than putting on clothes. It’s about creating your own story and expressing your individual style. I love the thought put behind the brand and the overall the mood of the brand. And in case you’re wondering, they do ship to all parts of the world!

Trends come and go and honestly, there’s no compulsion to stick to any! So, colour or no colour, dressing up is like painting a picture. Start with your own blank canvas and make it as fun as you want!

Photography: Amit Patel (www.vitaephotography.co.uk)


Just Another Windy Day


Leather Satchel - Hydes Studio (order via Facebook or Instagram)
Turtle Neck Jumper - Naples | A Line Skirt - Boohoo | Sunglasses - Cotton On | Slip On Loafers - H&M

Living in a city foreign to you saves room for the discovery of unexpected little joys. While the whole experience is a whirlwind of adventures, there are some habits that go unnoticed but are actually worth so much. What gives me that feeling of contentment you may ask? Walking through a new street every single day. For a sucker for contrasts (aka moi), the city of London is a feast for the eyes. The juxtaposition of cobbled streets and 18th Century brick structures, with the glass and concrete structures touching the skies above the financial district is both intriguing and exciting.

With a fashion obsessed mind, I helplessly see myself projecting these thoughts onto my fashion habits too.  When a brand creeps into your wardrobe, soon becoming a ‘habit’, you know it is worth its salt.  And just like the unnoticed joys, I saw myself styling my third bag from Hydes Studio - a brand I now associate with living up to my everyday bag fantasies.

The talk about contrasts between the modern and the classic, is a perfect fit when it comes to this ensemble. The ‘eagerly-waiting-for-summer’ transitional outfit checks all the so called textbook trends for the season. A line skirts, khaki colour tones, turtle neck jumpers and more so with hair tucked in to the turtleneck, it’s all in there. Except there’s just one difference. The take on the trend pieces are extremely simple, creating a classic everyday outfit.  Similarly, it is the amalgamation of traditional craftsmanship with modern styling by Hydes Studio that makes me keep going back for more.

Photography: Amit Patel (www.vitaephotography.co.uk)


Above Us Only Sky


Oversized Imagine T-shirt - The Souled Store (buy here)
Pencil Skirt - Forever New | Denim Jacket - Vintage | Earrings - Auhna Creations | Watch - Michael Kors | Sunglasses - Colaba | Stilettos - Pedro

Every now and then, we crave adventure. The urge to do something out of the ordinary. And in the same way, we have the tendency to equally thrive on the feeling of comfort. As I sit pondering over which one I prefer more, my mind is blank. I’d have to say I’m torn between the choices. This look for me is about expressing that dilemma.

When it comes to fashion, it’s no secret that I emphasize on comfort dressing. Because let’s face it, as much as we’d like to pretend that we stroll around in grand outfits all day, nothing brings more joy than to fall back on a pair of boyfriend jeans and sneakers. Those of you who follow me on Instagram know how obsessed I am with being comfortable with my style. The most important thing to remember though? Being comfortable is not synonymous to dressing boring. Anyone can pull off a dressy look, but relaxed fashion is where you can really express your true self is what I feel. And there's definitely adventure in that. There are risks to take and plenty of new things to experiment with, all in the realm of finding comfort as well.

When I ordered this Imagine T-shirt from The Souled Store, I was pretty sure how I wanted to style it. (Also, with my undying love for The Beatles and John Lennon, I couldn’t not get this one!) At home, I’m perpetually wandering around in a t-shirt that’s three sizes too big for me and with a current favourite playlist on repeat. With all this talk about comfort fashion, it got me thinking about heading for a party in a way that I’m most comfortable. So out came my pencil skirt and with it came the classic black stilettos! But instead of going with a typical crop top or dressy blouse, it was time to break the convention. With ‘Give Peace A Chance’ playing faintly in the background and while reminiscing about old times, I surely couldn’t forego my round sunnies and vintage denim jacket for this look!

The lovely people at The Souled Store also sent in a pair of extremely comfy boxers and a graphic notebook. You’ll be sure to find some super rad stuff on their online store!

The adventure of going with a pencil skirt and stilettos, a style not too common for me and to go back to the comfort of an oversized t-shirt and John Lennon music, turned out to be the perfect juxtaposition.

Photography: Gurpreet Kaur (www.gurrpreet.tumblr.com)


Spring Fever


Gaya Blouse - Hidden Seam (buy here)
Jeggings - Uniqlo | Skinny Scarf - London | Crossbody Bag - Iceberg via Crisp | Daisy Loafers - Local Boutique, KL

Spring is here! Well at least an illusion of it. With it being five degrees here in London and somewhere close to a surprising thirty-one back home in Bangalore, defining “spring” is a bit obscure. But if dreaming about an ideal spring gets me closer to the feeling, I’ll take that for now.

One sunny afternoon in London, which seemed to arrive after an eternity of gloom, I treated myself to a my first spring outfit (which I obviously froze in towards the latter half of the day). A marriage between lace, white and daisies seemed like a good start to go with the mood.

There are some pieces from my closet I couldn’t leave behind while moving and this embroidered lace blouse from Hidden Seam is one of them. I have come to realize that my love story with deep plums/reds in winter will never see an end. But for this blouse, the colour wasn’t the only selling point. The intricate detailing had me at first sight. I love when a piece speaks for itself and can be styled in multiple ways with no fuss and this top does exactly that.

With the thought of a warmer tomorrow, I decided to team it a pair of crisp white trousers. I think a well-fitted pair of white trousers are an absolute essential in every closet. Whether it's skinny ripped denims, culottes or flared trousers, any pair of white bottoms is the easiest trick to make any top look more formal and exciting. I also love the addition of black to the outfit with the daisy print loafers, skinny scarf worn as a choker and my favorite crossbody bag.

It may not be warm and pleasant with flowers blooming all around but for now I’m content with just dreaming about it!