Every day I watched - conversations between the sky and sea.  It wasn’t long before I turned into a regular spectator — perched on the balcony with my wandering lens against the same patch of sky and sea.

The sea whispered with a light crash of waves; it made the sky blush - some days in a deep pink, others in a feverish yellow. All along, the sky patiently stood by and watched the sea, through its chaos and calm. A love story in the making.

And I, with the passing sun and moon, continued to watch. Conversations between the sky and sea.

Photography & Words: Dhwani Kathotia
Shot in Uluwatu, Bali.


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Memories unravel
Nostalgia wraps itself around you
Like that same old checkered blanket,
Worn in; comforting.

This time too you come home
In hopes of
Discovering a new light.

And even with the hundredth goodbye,
Deep down you know,
The touch of the city will
Forever linger.



A journey begins; mystery awaits. I, an unseasoned foreigner to spontaneity, stare directly at it. A quick decision led me, like the two second leap guided by adrenaline before an adventure sport. And here I was, in a car on my way to this enchanting destination. Guided by very little research and what my otherwise disciplined self would call being unprepared, I was set for the weekend to surprise me.

Instantly upon entering Alsisar, I knew it was the right decision to come (to lug 15kgs to a desert on the other hand was not). Taking on the night with a dash of eagerness, thrill of mystery and an open mind was all there was left to do.


Here I am, at what feels like a land unknown, not half as seasoned to the music that most others saw as a religion.  My over thinking self, wondering if I fit in, if I even belong. It wasn’t long before I decided that there is no such thing as fitting in. The first of many little triumphs within me.

Sleep. Dance. Sing. Eat. Power Nap. Have beer. Have chai. Have both. Play Rummy. There really are no rules. Let impulse be the only guide.


It’s not often we get to immerse ourselves completely in a universe. To drown out the noise and to make this little sphere your only world. Three days: excitement, newness, watching sunsets, dancing till sunrise, new faces, adventure, living in the moment, emotion and the undoubted love for music.

A newbie to music, I didn’t take long to gather my own list of favourites. Burudu, Buttering Trio, Prateek Kuhad, Raji Rags, Begum X Delhi Sultanate, DJ Owais, BLOT!, Matias Aguayo, Napoleon Gold.

Can one weekend change you? Yes. Leave everything behind, let your guard down, and when you have no words to describe an experience, you know it’s been worth it.