Ready · Set · Autumn


Photo Credits: Divya Raveendran (


Skater Dress - Forever 21 | Sleeveless Jacket - Thrifted | Statement Necklace - Flea Market | Bag - MangoWatch - Michael Kors | Reflective Aviators - Forever 21 | Chunky Gladiators - Zara

Every time autumn/winter comes around, I have come to realize that my love for oxblood springs right back up with this change in season. Maybe it’s the gloom or just an exhaustion from the summer brights. I’m not sure what it is, but it definitely defines my mood for the last few months that the year has to offer.

So like any other year, this year too, I involuntarily saw myself picking up pieces in this deep red hue. One of my favourite out of those purchases had to be this simple skater dress. As soon as I tried it on, I could picture myself styling it with a scarf and stockings for winter, a blazer for a formal look, heels and a dressy clutch for a party or with sneakers and a denim shirt tied around my waist for a casual day out the possibilities seemed infinite.

For this look, I’ve styled it with a sleeveless jacket which was an experimental buy from almost four years ago! I never thought I could pull it off until very recently where I decided to simply go ahead and give it a shot. Sleeveless jackets are one of the top trends currently. Especially for someone living in this puzzling Bangalore weather, these jackets are perfect for when it is neither hot nor cold. Skater dresses are definitely everywhere and suitable for all occasions. Layering it is one trick that will surely set you apart and prevent you from ending up with an oh-so-plain look. This sleeveless jacket immediately added some structure to my simple flowy dress

Oxblood  and sleeveless jackets are most definitely two of fall’s most coveted trends. These jackets are a great investment to make this season. Also, with the weather growing colder, there will definitely be a lot more of this bold, luscious red spilling out of my closet. While my heart still lies in the warm summertime, a part of me is extremely eager to enter into the gloomy months that await us.