Featuring Jumpsuit from Splash
White Tee - H&M | Choker - ASOS | Embellished Flats - Massimo Dutti | Stilettos - Pedro

Heritage. Powerful. Officewear. Suits. Menswear. These are words you’d typically associate with the Princes of Wales Check, one of fall’s biggest trends. But this season, we’re taking over this so called “menswear” trend and adding to our wardrobes: a dash of power dressing. This little prince of wales checked jumpsuit is the perfect example of taking something classic and giving it a modern twist. As usual, I let my conflicting moods get the better of me and styled this outfit in two ways. One with my current favourite style trick of layering-in and the other as a classic zero-effort-friday-night-out ensemble.

Thinking of styling versatile pieces in multiple ways brings me to a concern that I feel needs urgent addressing. It can be summed up as simply as repeating clothes is OKAY. People have set standards of never repeating outfits and bloggers often reinforce this frivolous idea.  But in all honesty, we are not headed down the right path with this false mindset.  Sustainable fashion is a pressing issue and not just with regards to production. In fact being a sustainable consumer plays an equal part. So style it one way, two ways, seven ways, this year, next year or even after five years, but be conscious before letting go of it. Consume less, create more.

So as I come up with more creative techniques to re-style and upcycle, I leave you here with my thoughts.

Photography: My Feet Stories