And Dream, Dream All The Time Away..

Maxi Dress - Rahul Mishra

Maxi dresses are having a major fashion moment this season.

What I’ve always loved about maxi dresses is it’s slight boho feel and it’s free-spiritedness.  They are so versatile that you can have them in any fabric and team it up with so many different things creating a gamut of styles. Mixing and matching comes very easy with this garment. Pin up your locks and wear it with big earrings for a charming look, or an unbuttoned denim shirt/light sweater and boots perfect for fall weather. Prints v/s solids, or both.. the options are endless!

What I’m wearing here is a basic, cotton, charcoal plus size maxi dress. It’s breezy, it’s comfortable and makes you feel like you’re sailing around. I wore this dress while I was on a holiday in Prague. I chose to keep it extremely extremely simple. No accessories, a basic pair of flats, absolutely no fuss. I spent the whole day wandering around the city, connecting with the space, discovering little nuances and this outfit in all its naturalness was so apt for an uninterrupted, tranquil experience.