A Vintage Venture

Dress + Sandals - Thailand | Bracelet - Flea Market

This fall, what’s trending on runways, streets and pretty much everywhere is midis - be it skirts or dresses. I really doubted if this style would even suit me and was almost convinced that I wouldn’t be able to carry it off.  Then I thought that why not give it a try?

This azure one was a step towards a dubious style. I tried it on only to realize that this dress actually does look great! There is something so gorgeously vintage about this length. The thing I like most about the dress is that it has a shorter layer on the inside of this sheer dress.

Now the thing with midis is that it may often make your legs look less flattering. If your legs are long and shapely, well you have nothing to worry about! But if you feel otherwise, I would suggest to add a nice pair of heels and, believe me, you’ll rock this look!

When I’m travelling I prefer to wear comfortable shoes as I have with this dress. To match my gold and brown thong sandals , I carried this compact brown satchel. I also think that the red nails are doing a wonder with this dress as the two colours seem to work well with each other. I topped off the look with a gold stud bracelet which is my current favourite.