Starry Skies & Bright Lights

Sweater - Zara Leggings - Forever 21 | Bag - H&M | Shoes - Thailand

There’s always that one piece of clothing that you would pick to wear whenever and for whatever occasion. How do you find it? Well, add some glitter to some typical winter whites and there it is: the ideal sweater for the entire season. Too dramatic? Well, maybe. But I just can’t stop wanting to wear this gorgeous glitter sweater! It’s comfortable, chic, versatile and festive.

It’s not a secret that I love highlighting one element of my outfit while downplaying the others. I’ve therefore paired this sweater with basic black leggings and feminine nude wedges. The outfit would be incomplete without the adorable heart-shaped bag.

It’s almost Christmas! Time to dress to the nines and have a ball :)