Wedding Bells

There’s just something else about dressing ethnic. The long drapes, the beautiful colours, the Indian jewellery - aah! it’s all just so exciting. What I love most is the grand feeling you get once you've put on that bright coloured lahenga and those long earrings.

So here’s a post with some of the outfits that I wore at a wedding I attended last week. As much as I would've loved to shoot these outfits elaborately, there was absolutely no time to do so in between all of the wedding madness! These are just a few glimpses of what I wore over the two day gala.

My motto while dressing ethnic is to mix and match. With ALL the weddings to go to, its impossible to buy a new outfit for each and every one. Don’t be afraid to switch up the elements of your different outfits and add a little contrast here and there.

No doubt dressing up is fun; put in a little desi twist and its even better!