A Clash Of Prints

White Blouse - Thrifted, HK | Striped Skirt - Cotton On | Plaid Shirt - Zara | Necklace - Random Boutique, HK | Sunglasses - Mango | Sneakers - Primark

It’s time to break the rules! I have been so big on mixing prints over the past few months. It might have been a faux pas a few years ago but those rules are obsolete now. The thing about it though is that it has to be done right otherwise we might end up with a fashion disaster coming our way.

When I first began playing with the prints in my closet, I’d always be a little skeptical. It’s just so easy to match instead right? Mixing prints is an instant way to just make that boring old outfit pop. A striped skirt and a plain white tank screams out basic. Dare to add a plaid shirt around your waist or maybe even over the top for a trendier alternative.

Prints can be paired based on colour, size, textures and on different elements of your outfit. While you can use different sizes of the same print, you could also go with two or maybe even three prints as part of different elements of the look. It is important to link the prints in some way, else you’d end up with a zebra on cheetah print outfit (I can’t even begin to think of how horrifying that could be). Just go with what’s aesthetically appealing and don’t fear from experimenting. The fact that it is a tricky trend makes it all the more fun to work with while playing dress up.

Middle parting my hair is totally my new obsession. For it to not look flat, pin it up or go with braids or twists. It is my go-to solution to a bad hair day crisis and perfect if you’re looking for a bolder and more elegant look.

Fashion is all about trying new things. So get experimental, mix ‘em up and just have some fun!