A Coral Match

Co-ord Set - StalkBuyLove | Metallic Crossbody - StalkBuyLove | Ring - Colaba, Mumbai |  Watch - Michael Kors | Nude Wedges - Primark, Vienna

We all have those times where we’re feeling a bit lazy, a bit less inspired or simply in no mood to take any effort.  Be it dressing up and attending a party or checking things off of your to-do list, it’s important to find that inspiration and get to it.

My solution to times like these may be a bit different. If looking for fashion inspiration or if I’m generally feeling a bit low, my copy of Alexa Chung’s It is one of the things that always comes handy. There seem to be so many reasons why I simply love this book. So I flip through it in my favourite boxers and there, my day is made! But sometimes I'd choose to take it a notch higher by throwing on my newest co-ord with a splash of red on my lips. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I dragged myself out of bed for some blog work and the choice of outfit was simple - I just went with what uplifted my spirits. 

When the lovely people from StalkBuyLove sent me this coord and metallic crossbody, I was thrilled. While mixing around is fun, there is a different sophistication in just matching it all. Co-ords are a complete no brainer and perfect for those days where you want to take minimal effort but still look put together. This bag has been my best friend for outings of every kind since the day I lay my hands on it.

StalkBuyLove have a diverse collection of products with new things being added every few days. But what I love most about this brand is their excellent customer service and the quality of their products. I have been receiving products from them for three months now and to be honest, the quality is always better than expected.

With a lot more time on my hands over the past month, I have been working hard on the blog and I’ve never been happier. This post is all about the little things that make me happy - dressing up, summer afternoons, reading and fashion inspiration! Sometimes its best to just keep doing what you love most.