Sunny Adventures

Grid Print Skirt - StalkBuyLove | Muscle Tee - Forever21 | Lace Bandeau - Forever21 | Necklace -Flea Market | Bracelet - Aldo | Satchel - Thrifted | Sunglasses - Colaba, Mumbai | Metallic Loafers - Hill Road, Mumbai

It is often believed that the essence of true fun is in spontaneity. Except, it doesn’t really come that easily to everyone. While I might not be the most spontaneous person around (I have my detailed daily to-do lists to show for that!), I have to admit there is a different joy in just going with the flow, and that’s what this post is all about.

We set out on this shoot with zero plans, completely unaware of the location of where it was to take place. While driving around, we spotted this Ambassador parked along the road and I knew it would be the perfect backdrop for my look. Suddenly the outfit and everything else all made sense.

As soon as summer started, I picked this skirt to add to my summer staples list. The colour is neutral and what’s best is that it is in grid print - my new found love. Another member of the summer staple list is a muscle tee. Be it in prints, graphics or plain solid colours, nothing defines summer better than this breezy piece. The third piece that I rely on heavily during this season is a good lace bandeau which can be a great investment and an absolute must-have.

So along with these perfect-for-summer pieces, came in my mint green satchel, round sunnies and metallic loafers. I think the accessories in this look do all the talking. While it was completely unplanned, these add-ons compliment the retro feel of this look.

In the end, its like all the little elements of this look just automatically fell into place. Sometimes undecided plans lead to the most amount of fun. Throw in some retro vibes and no one will be able to say no to that!