MLC x Once Again

The stress of summer cleaning can get overwhelming for many. I, on the other hand, being the clean-freak that I am, find an odd therapeutic joy in doing so. Whether you love it or hate it, we all know that it just has to be done. One way to lure yourself into it? Add an incentive at the end of summer cleaning and Once Again does exactly that.

On a Saturday evening, I sat myself down with a huge pile of clothes and a mug of green tea, to perform the dreaded task. As I sifted through the mountain of clothes whilst randomly trying on pieces in the wackiest way ever, I knew that I was sure to find something that I love but just haven’t had a chance to wear enough. Everyone has a few of those right?! Knowing that I could then sell them on Once Again , sure made summer cleaning a hell lot more exciting.

Once Again is built around the concept that you should never have to wear the same outfit twice. They make branded fashion available to buyers at good prices and want to help sellers make space for new memories. It allows users to buy and sell branded women's

apparel and accessories. They cater to the states Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad, Karnataka, Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Goa, and Telangana. It is a C2C (Customer to Customer) portal and what I think is the main highlight of Once Again is how incredibly easy it is to buy and sell. Once Again focuses on major designer brands to ensure good quality of products being circulated. For buying, it is like any other online store where its is super easy to place orders. In order to sell your apparel/accessories, Once Again takes care of almost everything. They send in the packing material, have it picked up from the seller and handle the payments between the buyer and seller. And what’s best is that there is no listing fees, making it an even easier process. Simply upload images of clothes to be sold or browse the racks for that closet staple you’re missing: they’ll handle everything else.

So be it buying a new outfit when on a tight budget or selling that piece that you probably don’t fit into anymore, Once Again  is your one-stop shop for a new wardrobe or a whole new side to cleaning out that over-flowing closet.

As I was rummaging through my cupboard, I found this beautiful floral strapless dress that I bought from Zara in Spain. But sadly I only managed to wear it once after which I stopped fitting into it. You can buy this dress here.

Dazzle in it at a casual brunch or jazz it up for a party, the print will surely make anyone stand out!

Another dress that I found is this pink striped Forever New  dress. It is one of the most comfortable dresses that I have owned and be it a long day running errands or something a bit more fancy, it can definitely be worn with no fuss. To buy this dress click here.

I found that the site is extremely customer friendly and the whole process was hassle-free when I put my two items on sale. I love the concept behind Once Again and will surely be on it regularly. So its time to kick your feet up and indulge in some weekend shopping. Start buying, selling, and loving your clothes Once Again