The Checkered Experiment


Pencil Skirt - Vintage | Polka Dotted Tee - Forever 21 | Layered Bracelet - Forever 21 | Watch - Michael Kors | Sunglasses - Street Shopping, HK | Clutch - Mango | Heels - Zara

A large portion of my free time is spent swiping and scrolling through social media, usually Pinterest, Lookbook and obviously Instagram, all at once. And what am I looking at? Well, fashion mostly. While admiring and getting inspired by different trends and styles, there are times when I see something and just think to myself “Damn, I wish I could wear that!” (most of you can relate, I’m sure). One such style has to be the pencil skirt. Ever since the introduction of the modern pencil skirt by Dior in the 50’s, I think no year of fashion has gone without this wardrobe staple.

Even though I have invested in a few pencil skirts, they manage to find a place at the bottom of the pile in my cupboard only to never be seen again. I usually feel really conscious about the style and how it would suit my body causing this piece to remain untouched. When I finally mustered up the confidence to style the piece, I couldn’t not blog about it!

This particular checkered one was a vintage find from my mum’s closet. I personally feel like short bodycon skirts are extremely overdone, so the length was one of the features that drew me to this one. Midi pencil skirts are definitely a more sophisticated way to go I think. Being sure I couldn’t pull off a short top with it, I picked a cutesy t-shirt to do the job. Knotting it up at the waist, covered my tummy and cinched the waist without making me look too bulky. The mix of prints added a unique element to it as well.

What I realized through this post is how important it is to know your own body and dress according to that. Taking the pencil skirt as an example, I was sure to cover my tummy and highlight my lower body and narrow waist. Team it with a crop top if you have a rectangular body or with a peplum top to flaunt your hips. Wear a shorter one if you have long legs or a longer one if you want to appear taller. So by varying lengths, tops to go with it or simply experimenting with styles, you can wear it in a way that looks most flattering on you!

So this weekend, gather some confidence and wear that piece you’ve been dying to! Trust me you’ll rock it!

Photography: Divya Raveendran (