The Chic Traveler


The thought of travel brings with it anticipation and a whole lot of excitement. But as amazing as all that is, there is also the two hours of chaos right before you set off on your journey. The dreaded period of packing! If you are one of the people who consider every little thing from their supply closet an essential while traveling, you would certainly relate to this.

As hard as I try, there are always those few extra things that lead me to over-pack. What if all my dresses get dirty? Throw two more in. What if one jacket isn’t enough to keep me warm? These shoes only go with two outfits. Lets add different shoes with every outfit. Maybe I get to meet a celebrity for dinner, I definitely need this formal gown! After all these thoughts whirling through my head all I end up with is an overflowing suitcase and an immense amount of stress. After all, how will all the shopping fit while coming back! (and with a 15kg baggage limit, sigh!)

Although the overpacking assures you of looking on point at all times, another easy way of doing this is: packing right. I have established that travel and the right shoes go hand-in-hand in the previous post (read here) and that’s one thing to keep in mind even while packing. One trick that I follow is to match my shoes and bag while traveling. This makes it easy to match the same set with almost every outfit. Another thing I do is to take pairs of shoes that look sophisticated, fashionable and that stand out. And that’s what brings me back with The Smitten Story.

Part Two of The Smitten Story is all about The Chic Traveler. After stepping out of an 8 hour flight, The Chic Traveler manages to look almost brunch-ready! I agree traveling in sweats would be an ideal situation but there’s a different joy in landing at a new city looking like a million bucks. Be it a party on a yacht, a day spent shopping on Champs-Élysées or a night out at the trendiest club in town, The Chic Traveler is well prepped and looking put-together through it all.

Keeping this theme in mind, I picked shoes that are in sync with current trends while not compensating on comfort. There’s something about nude loafers that just make them neutral and elegant in a not-too-boring way. To add a slight edge, the crimson tie-up flats seemed ideal as it can even make the most plain outfit stand out. And if you are one of those few fortunate ones who can travel in heels, choose to strut around in your most comfortable pair. Heels can be used for both day and night looks and since you’re traveling in them, you’d avoid the added pressure on your weight limit. Therefore, with the right pair of shoes you can not just avoid over-packing but can also travel chic.

Look out for a special post featuring more from these two stories on the blog later this week. Till then I’m off into my dream world with unlimited shoes and new cities to visit everyday!

Photography - Divya Raveendran (
Concept & Styling - Dhwani Kathotia

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