Her: Rose Print Graphic Dress - Frankie Morello | Chunky Knit Sweater - DSQUARED2 | Oversized Clutch - Iceberg | Bracelet - Cielo (all via Crisp)

Denim Shirt - Atmosphere | Silver Bracelets - Atmosphere| Silver Slide On Flats - Forever 21| Skater Skirt - Forever 21 | Statement Necklace - Thrifted | Watch - Michael Kors | Oversized Sunglasses - Nose | Heels - Forever 21

Him: V Neck Tee - DSQUARED2 | Two Tone Cardigan - Iceberg | Backpack - Galliano (all via Crisp)

There’s something about travel that gets me everytime. The thought of packing up and setting off into a new land. A flight away from the ordinary and mundane. But it may not always stir up feelings of wanderlust and euphoria. Sometimes all you can think of is being lost.

A trunk full of all the little pieces from home. A new timezone, a new bed. Directionless paths, untrodden. Setting off without knowing the end to a day. Unfamiliar faces, unfamiliar places. A hotel that promises of being a home away from home. But all you feel is lost.

A labyrinth of gridlines running back and forth on countless maps. Finding your way through vast meadows. An unknown street with an even more unknown smell. Broken walls, an old burnt down theatre, you just don’t know what to expect next. All on your own, with no care of the other. And among thousands of people or with maybe just one, you still are, lost.

Who knows that all the anticipation and a daunting sense of excitement may just be what we’re looking for.

I worked on this story with Crisp - The Luxury Store, honestly not knowing where it was headed. Their travel themed campaign was all I had in mind and the mood of the shoot seemed to bring it all together. This season Crisp is showcasing their travel collection, perfect for any kind of holiday. Be it swimwear, scarves, head gear or footwear, Crisp may just be your one stop shop for luxury fashion before heading out on that break. And do you know the best part? All of the product are from European designers and are on 30-40% off all year round.  The aim of the store is to offer luxury fashion (which may be a season or two behind) to everyone. Affordable luxury wear! Do we really need to ask for anything else? Be it a holiday with all your friends or a journey on your own, Crisp has got you covered.

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Photography: Gurpreet Kaur (gurrpreet.tumblr.com)