Like Old Times


Scarlet Handbag & Metallic Analog Watch - Fossil
Sheer Shirt - Vero Moda | Jeggings - Zara | Sunglasses - Burberry | Heels - Forever 21

With Christmas just around the corner, I have inevitably been thinking solely about presents. And then, I began to wonder: is the art of gifting is still alive? With the advent of technology and with apps selling the idea of sending vouchers along with selfies as gifts, I got thinking, are we losing out on the emotion behind it all? Are we getting sucked in by the virtual world? Are we starting to take the easy way out and beginning to compensate?

I, for one, am someone who loves putting thought into presents. Rather than pointless obligatory gifts, I always prefer ones with inside jokes, some meaning or anything that’s done with a personal touch. So when the new holiday collection at Fossil emphasized a focus on Christmas gifting, I couldn’t help but reminisce about all our old school gifting ways.

Chalking out an entire day to go shopping, making little thoughtful notes, drowning in wrapping paper, ribbons and all things pretty, writing out letters to people you love, playing Secret Santa, it just brought to mind such a warm happy feeling. So this festive season, I picked out two pieces as a Christmas gift to… well, myself, and created what I like to call my vintage ode to the old times, in collaboration with Fossil.

So every year, something new happens. You change, either for the worse or the better. This year marked a transition for me - from a non watch-wearer to someone to can’t live without one. It almost felt like those childish transitions like moving from pencils to pens. Though silly when you look back, it still is a big deal. Just like that, I am now a proud watch person with a secret love for big chunky boyfriend watches. It seemed like the lovely people at Fossil read my mind because a silver chunky analog watch was what I had been looking for all year! I love the classic cut and design of this masterpiece.

I was never too familiar with Fossil’s bag collection until I attended the launch of their new holiday collection and it really wasn’t hard to fall in  love. This luscious scarlet crossbody is the perfect bag to get you in the Christmas mood right away. Everything about this holiday inspired look had to be classic -- some monochrome accents, a typical winged eye with red lips, and a little black bow to seal the deal. Modern designs with a vintage feel, the new collection at Fossil is everything you need this festive month.

So this holiday season, sip on that mug of hot chocolate, make a gift, write a letter and bring back the warmth of Christmas. And if you’re out of gift ideas, Fossil is always there to help!

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Photography: Gurpreet Kaur (