Blank Canvas


Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet from Her Curiosity Jewellery
Separates - Zara | Sunglasses - Burberry | Rings - Monki | Flats - Topshop

With the passing of every season, we see a cyclical movement of obsessions among fashion’s elites - something we can’t help but get a taste of too. It’s been awhile since talks about minimalism has taken over everything. Yes, I mean literally everything. Classic styles, clean cuts, raw makeup, this obsession has bred in us an affiliation towards all things minimal. Being someone with excessive amounts of white clothing, I hopped onto this trend bandwagon without hesitation.

All white would probably be the easiest way to pull off a summer look, and this year we’re not complaining. I eyed these separates in Zara at least five times, quarreling with my mind to fight the urge to buy it. But I gave in (obviously). If it’s white on white, I’ll take it all please!

It sure is all about minimal looks, but there’s no way the accessories will ever be forgotten. Accessorizing to an outfit is the equivalent of what the last piece to a puzzle is - it just brings it all together. So for this look, I took out my box of Her Curiosity jewellery and simply went all out. The advantage of a simple outfit? Adding a necklace, earrings, rings and a bracelet and have it still look subtle. And that’s precisely what I went for! I love the silver pieces with a slight bohemian feel to it.

Her Curiosity is a brand that believes getting dressed is more than putting on clothes. It’s about creating your own story and expressing your individual style. I love the thought put behind the brand and the overall the mood of the brand. And in case you’re wondering, they do ship to all parts of the world!

Trends come and go and honestly, there’s no compulsion to stick to any! So, colour or no colour, dressing up is like painting a picture. Start with your own blank canvas and make it as fun as you want!

Photography: Amit Patel (