Just Another Windy Day


Leather Satchel - Hydes Studio (order via Facebook or Instagram)
Turtle Neck Jumper - Naples | A Line Skirt - Boohoo | Sunglasses - Cotton On | Slip On Loafers - H&M

Living in a city foreign to you saves room for the discovery of unexpected little joys. While the whole experience is a whirlwind of adventures, there are some habits that go unnoticed but are actually worth so much. What gives me that feeling of contentment you may ask? Walking through a new street every single day. For a sucker for contrasts (aka moi), the city of London is a feast for the eyes. The juxtaposition of cobbled streets and 18th Century brick structures, with the glass and concrete structures touching the skies above the financial district is both intriguing and exciting.

With a fashion obsessed mind, I helplessly see myself projecting these thoughts onto my fashion habits too.  When a brand creeps into your wardrobe, soon becoming a ‘habit’, you know it is worth its salt.  And just like the unnoticed joys, I saw myself styling my third bag from Hydes Studio - a brand I now associate with living up to my everyday bag fantasies.

The talk about contrasts between the modern and the classic, is a perfect fit when it comes to this ensemble. The ‘eagerly-waiting-for-summer’ transitional outfit checks all the so called textbook trends for the season. A line skirts, khaki colour tones, turtle neck jumpers and more so with hair tucked in to the turtleneck, it’s all in there. Except there’s just one difference. The take on the trend pieces are extremely simple, creating a classic everyday outfit.  Similarly, it is the amalgamation of traditional craftsmanship with modern styling by Hydes Studio that makes me keep going back for more.

Photography: Amit Patel (www.vitaephotography.co.uk)