Good Girl Gone Bad


Featuring Dress by Ivana Helsinki
Bucket Bag - H&M | Rings - Madison & Forever 21 | Booties - Hong Kong

Style Laws. Do’s & Dont’s. The Fashion Police. Yay or Nay. Black with White. Silver without Gold. We have not been short of rules reigning over the fashion world. With each new season comes a new set of guidelines to follow. But to what extent?

Being in the fashion industry, it is impossible not to follow trends. But what disturbs me is being in a time where mimicry of trends precedes individuality. I often wonder, is following trends what we perceive as being fashionable? Is a style, straight off the runway, the only way to wear the trend?  I admit I am a compulsive rule follower at heart, but when it comes to my personal style and creative work, I scarcely refrain from bending the rules.

Looking above all of the negative ranting, I’d have to agree that there has been a shift in what we allow as “right and wrong” in fashion of late. We have slowly been saying goodbye to days when it is expected of everyone to be mere puppets to the fashion norms. But then why are most of us still so afraid to break the rules?

With every outfit should come a feeling of fluidity. A sense of freedom. Who said X can only be worn with Y? If it’s not you, it simply isn’t. A goody-goody dress with peter pan collar and puffed sleeves? Why not throw in some oversized-ness and badass booties to go with.

And just like that, with scattered thoughts and in a distressed little world, another good girl goes bad.

Photography: Gurpreet Kaur (