Featuring White Maxi Dress from Splash
Rings - Bershka | Belt - Next | Earrings - H&M

Having spent a considerable amount of time curating ensembles, trying one outfit after the other and constantly pinning and repinning outfit inspirations, I find myself designating something new as my “go-to piece” every day. But then, there are always some that take a special precedence over the others. These are the outfits that instantly give you that warm feeling synonymous to that of coming back home. What may be sweatpants for one, could be sparkly stilettos for another, but there’s nothing more than that  particular piece that feels most YOU.

No brownie points for guessing that my fashion abode boils down to three words - flowy, easy-going and most importantly white. Clearly, this white maxi dress from Splash checked all of the boxes. An involuntary gasp as soon as you try it out and you know you’ve found yourself a keeper. The abundance of fabric, the narrow straps with shoulder emphasis, the embroidery detailing and the impossibility of falling short of ways to style it, I saw myself instantly gushing about it, trying to reaffirm my already convinced self.

There’s always a sense of contentment slipping into what best expresses yourself. And on that mellow, cloudy day, with the sound of rain against the window, the smell of rain soaked mud, messy hair and even messier thoughts, no make-up to weigh me down and the hauntingly beautiful dress, I knew that there was just one thing left to do: dance like no one’s watching.

Photography: My Feet Stories