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Today we find ourselves bare, raw and exposed. Our lives laid out on a platter for the rest of the world to see. A time where to flaunt is more compelling than to experience. We lay here helpless with no control as bits of our lives involuntarily flow out in forms too many. Meals gone cold; the hashtags still hot. Uninfluenced self-expression weakens; likes still go strong.

“The digital age” - an elitist term for the quicksand in which we’re seeped in too deep. More and more people are sinking into this world, professionally and/or personally. I often question if there really an end to all this. But I fail to find an answer. Being an equal victim in this labyrinth of networks, I find myself reaching days where all I want is to rise above the quicksand, leave it all behind and shut everything out. Every once in awhile I too fancy myself a little game of peek-a-boo.