Shades Of Boho


Accessorizing is a key part of putting any outfit together. This year, more than any other, has seen a statement jewellery fever. While it started with chunky gold chains, it has slowly transitioned into bigger layers and more bling. And just like that, silver, layered, boho and tribal-inspired necklaces became one of the most coveted pieces of the season. Could I say no to a little taste of the ubiquitous trend? Hell no! When I came home to an adorable pink box from The Pink Melon Store with this intricately beautiful necklace that I had ordered, I couldn’t help but take off my already worn accessories and prance around the house in this piece.

It is just then that I realized that accessorizing doesn’t always have to serve a formal or dressy purpose. Although it's obvious to believe that wearing such a massive necklace, would surely dress an outfit up, I wanted to explore another side to this. A side where I feel at home and comfortable in my own skin.

Instead of going with a typical ‘pretty-dress-statement-necklace’ look, I grabbed my most comfortable pair of boyfriend jeans with a plain white tee to let the necklace really shine. The minute I saw the necklace, all I could think of was something boho, effortless and with no fuss. Messy hair and an afternoon traveling into the world of books just set the ideal mood for this look.  

The necklace definitely makes the outfit look more trendy and also adds cool effortless vibe to it. It's so easy to get overwhelmed by such chunky jewellery, but it isn’t always about using accessories to dress up your outfit. In fact, dress down with the right accessories for a change and it may just look better!

I think it is so important to be accepting with the way you look or even your outfit for that matter. While experimenting is always fun, there’s no better feeling than going back into that comfort zone. And that’s what I wanted this post be about - natural, untouched, with flaws and feeling at home. The smell of old books, reliving memories of novels I have read and enjoying the lazy afternoon sun just took me on a warm and happy journey.


'Steal My Heart' Necklace - Pink Melon (buy here)
White Tee, Boyfriend Jeans, Backless Dress and Sliders - Forever 21

Pink Melon is definitely one of those stores that make you totally spoilt for choice. They are completely in sync with current trends in accessories and at such guilt-free prices! The statement necklaces are what caught my attention first when I visited their website. But I definitely think all their accessories including bags and bracelets are to die for! I did think that the collection was limited when I ordered though, but they have been adding more of late, which is great. Do head over to their online store and Facebook page to check out their collection.

Who says you need an occasion to accessorize heavily? Wear your blingy best, sit by a window, get lost in that book and break all conventions.

Photography: Gurpreet Kaur (