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Overcome by pale waves, skin etched with tan lines, getting back into bed after breakfast, reading through mid-afternoon rains and chasing ice-cream trucks - here’s a set of postcards that encapsulate the sunny, sticky, happy mess that summer is.

For this project I took the roles of blogger, conceptualiser and photographer - the best of all worlds. I worked with Colorbar to create imagery by taking a trip down to the happy place in my mind, where summer vacations meant collecting little trinkets and postcards.

I’ve spent the year exploring myself creatively and learning a little every single day. The best way to quantify growth is to do work that makes you happy. Sure, I have new additions to my to-do list everyday but for now I’m smiling at where its all headed.

Photography: Chahat Kathotia & Dhwani Kathotia
Concept & Words: Dhwani Kathotia