Breaking Through


Outfit - Pushpak Vimaan | Earrings - | Juttis - Pastels & Pop

She knew she was different from the rest of them. She always did. But that didn’t stop them from trying to change her. Years spent in creating a make believe image in her mind of what she should aim to be. Be pretty, act coy. Why? Well, that’s what appeals to everyone doesn’t it?

Ages go by and without notice or with false conditioning, we find ourselves tangled in thoughts that we’re expected to believe. Why is it that we often create an image of an ideal entity? Why do we let our archetypal thoughts hold us down? Why is there an accepted sense conventionality in the way we behave?

Not a day went by, when these questions didn’t cross her mind. Be pretty, act coy. Sure. But is that all you can be? What about bold and fierce? Could she not be all? She was torn between the two personalities, but knew she wanted to be both. Because realistically, none of the labels even mattered. The stereotypes needed to be broken and the boundaries to be crossed. Because what is beauty anyway?

We’re so involved in how it 'should' be done, that we’ve forgotten to really look into things and look out of the ordinary. Because sometimes it is the wild, the desolate and the barren that have a story to tell. And maybe alongside an abandoned carriage, a locked up temple or the ruins of what used to be, is where real beauty is.

This editorial piece features the collection of Pushpak Vimaan - a designer label all about handcrafted embellishments and tailor made goodness. When the designer duo contacted me, I was thrilled! What I loved most about the piece I received was that it was customized for me. With a lot of back and forth discussion, we brought it down to a piece that not only suited their design aesthetic but also my taste and preference. From florals to net/sheer and from sequins to mirror work, their new collection ‘Sonchampa’ has so much to offer for all those wedding season needs!

Pushpak Vimaan offers customized and made to order ethnic pieces ranging from lahengas to kurtas and evening gowns; definitely my favourite part about the label. And this isn’t all! They also showcase their attention to detail through creative packaging and handmade trousseau bags. Now coming to the outfit, I’d have to admit that I was instantly drawn to it the minute I saw the design for the back. Feminine yet bold, no other piece could fit better in this story. The dual tone effect created by the sheer and delicate embellishment, gave the outfit a perfectly dreamy vibe to it. With a piece as grand as this, a pair of statement earrings, gold juttis and minimal makeup was enough to do the job. So get your hands on their collection on Facebook or Instagram!

Pushpak Vimaan creates ensembles for who they call the ‘ethereal princess’. And this was my version of it, except with a little bit of a twist! Because whether it's as drastic as this or not, we all need to break the little conventions once in a while, and do things our way for a change.

Concept & Styling: Dhwani Kathotia
Photography: Gurpreet Kaur (