Postcards From Italy

Featuring Icy Queen Wreath (buy here) and Shimmer Stone Cluster Necklace (buy here) from Rhea Jewellery
Naples: Top - Miss Selfridge | Pleated Palazzo Pants - Forever 21 | Jacket - Zara | Sunglasses - Nose, KL | Sneakers - Primark
Positano: Crop Top - Zara | Trousers - Zara | Jacket - Zara | Sunglasses - Nose, KL | Bag - Primark | Heels - Forever 21 | Slip-Ons - H&M

Twenty Sixteen has been a year of many firsts. My first time studying fashion, staying alone and away from home, exploring the crux of London beneath all the tourist-y layers, spontaneously travelling around Europe, and this is not even close to covering half the list.

In the first week of March, I found myself standing  on the cobbled streets of Southern Italy, happy to simply be there and nothing else. With Dean Martin on repeat on my playlist,  I set out to discover Naples;  instinctively adding Positano, Sorrento and Capri to my itinerary as I went along. The sun was out and it was finally time to shed of all my London layers (well some of them at least).

Living in the cold led to the compromise of one of my favourite parts of dressing up - accessorizing. With all the coats and scarves, the little trinkets sadly remain ignored. So now, Italy meant one thing for me: it was time to trade all the layers for my forgotten baubles - especially the ones I had from Rhea Jewellery.

For me this trip was all about letting go and simply experiencing the different cities and their unique vibes. But being a fashion girl, it’s hard to say no to pictures for the blog. So a blog post was almost unavoidable while in Italy. I shot this post over two days in the stunning cities of Naples and in Positano.  Both outfits were apt for comfortably exploring and wandering through the cities. The role of the jewellery therefore became crucial. The two pieces I picked from Rhea Jewellery were both chunky statement pieces, pretty much the only item needed to dress up a whole outfit. The beaded bracelet is feminine and best styled with blazer or shirt, ideal for power dressing. Other than in a dressy way, I would style the bejeweled necklace with a plain white over-sized tee just to emphasize a contrast in look. Both these pieces leave so much room for creativity when it comes to styling.

Kissing the much awaited sunshine in Naples to getting a whiff of the salty ocean air, this trip was all about lazy adventures, new discoveries and oh a hell load of pizza! Like any typical unplanned venture, the post too has several variations such as multiple locations, layers on and off and a switch from heels to flats. Not how I would typically do a blog post right? But when I got thinking it occurred to me, what’s the point of staged outfits and blog posts when the real experience is so much more interesting!

Photography: Ritika Shah
Creative Photography & Styling: Dhwani Kathotia