Spring Fever


Gaya Blouse - Hidden Seam (buy here)
Jeggings - Uniqlo | Skinny Scarf - London | Crossbody Bag - Iceberg via Crisp | Daisy Loafers - Local Boutique, KL

Spring is here! Well at least an illusion of it. With it being five degrees here in London and somewhere close to a surprising thirty-one back home in Bangalore, defining “spring” is a bit obscure. But if dreaming about an ideal spring gets me closer to the feeling, I’ll take that for now.

One sunny afternoon in London, which seemed to arrive after an eternity of gloom, I treated myself to a my first spring outfit (which I obviously froze in towards the latter half of the day). A marriage between lace, white and daisies seemed like a good start to go with the mood.

There are some pieces from my closet I couldn’t leave behind while moving and this embroidered lace blouse from Hidden Seam is one of them. I have come to realize that my love story with deep plums/reds in winter will never see an end. But for this blouse, the colour wasn’t the only selling point. The intricate detailing had me at first sight. I love when a piece speaks for itself and can be styled in multiple ways with no fuss and this top does exactly that.

With the thought of a warmer tomorrow, I decided to team it a pair of crisp white trousers. I think a well-fitted pair of white trousers are an absolute essential in every closet. Whether it's skinny ripped denims, culottes or flared trousers, any pair of white bottoms is the easiest trick to make any top look more formal and exciting. I also love the addition of black to the outfit with the daisy print loafers, skinny scarf worn as a choker and my favorite crossbody bag.

It may not be warm and pleasant with flowers blooming all around but for now I’m content with just dreaming about it!