Outfit One: Customised Tassle Heels - Talons D'or | Metallic Skirt - Ninebox | Rose Blouse - Zara | Tassle Earrings - H&M
Outfit Two: Nude Stilettos - Monrow | Trousers - Zara | Velvet Bodysuit - Zara | Choker - Dhwani Bansal Official

Seasons come and go, like a routine practiced one times too many. But with each season comes a promise of change, a letting go of what was. The cycle - monotonous; and yet we haven’t ceased to search for novelty each time around. Having said that, how much of what we do is in turn affected by the past? Because in the thick of discovering, we’re also clutching tightly onto the what has been. It’s exciting, this metamorphosis - this coming together of two worlds to make a present - quite like the current fashion scenario. Because much rightly said, it really is the age of “anything works”. This phase of mad mad creation leaves us in a state of flux.

The start of fashion month has my mind wandering into little thoughts of change, creation and where it all leaves me. Quite honestly, it’s not so bad - this phase of transitions. I, for one, reside quite contently in the little haven built amidst the transitions. Holding on to much cherished fashion choices of the past, and never lacking room for a new discovery.

Heels - a daring change. Of colours muted, like falling back into my zone of comfort. Favourite colours and conventional prints but in silhouettes that bring new hope. A little bit of change, a little safety, until it feels just right.