The Good Girl


Heart of Gold Dress - Ivana Helsinki
Boyfriend Blazer - Max Mara | Spectacles - H&M | Heels - Forever 21

Who doesn’t love a good story? Intriguing, exciting, happy or sad, every little thing around us has a story to tell. I love everything about storytelling. The drama and the expressions, it brings with it a peculiar sense of thrill. But most of all, it excites me to interpret stories on my own. Because some stories don’t have to be said out loud. You just see it the way you want to. And that’s what this editorial series with Ivana Helsinki is all about.

Being in the world of fashion, I very well know that styles of every kind have a unique story to tell. And just like that, there’s a story behind the posts I plan and the outfits I curate for the blog. Each one assembled with the marriage between prints, a twist of colour, the suspense of skin show and the thrill of emotion behind it all. They are not merely a copy of the current “on-trend” pieces, they’re more.

This three part editorial series will take you through the journey of ‘The Good Girl’. Who she is and where she’s from is unknown. But each part offers hints and an insight of who she may be. With no beginning and no end, it’s a pictorial story open to interpretation. Because every set of eyes sees something unique only to its own self.

Being my first international collaboration (squealing inside), I was more than thrilled to style these funky dresses from Finland based designer Ivana Helsinki. Something about the dresses from their collection screamed “good girl” to me. While I may not usually dress ‘prim’ like the typical good girl, I couldn’t help but hop on to the wagon for this one. And with Gucci bringing geek chic in this fall, looks like I was in luck! The heart of gold series from Ivana Helsinki had extravagant yet underplayed flashes of graphic hearts in the pieces. The striking pattern of this dress definitely grabs most of the attention. A white blazer to tone it down and simple black heels completed the overall look. Feeling experimental I decided to give spectacles a go for a change but also teamed it up with my trusty companion “It” for comfort.

Look out for the next two parts of this editorial post through this month. It’s new, it’s exciting and a bit obscure. But that’s the fun of it all isn’t it?!

Concept & Styling: Dhwani Kathotia
Photography: Gurpreet Kaur (