Into The Wild


Gold Cicada Cuff | Pink Agate Earrings | Olive Leaf Statement Ring | Gold Stackable Rings - All from The Mauve Unitx
Dragonfly Dress - Richa Khemka

Inspiration. It could be derived from the biggest life event or from the most meagre part of one’s life. But it still manifests into something big, something that tells a story. In fashion too, over the years, we’ve seen trends, silhouettes, prints and styles being inspired from literally everything around us. This year, we’ve had a huge craze of food inspired clothing, bug inspired trends and a whole array of fresh displays of art.

By now you all know that I am a complete sucker for stories. So when I was introduced to a brand that had so much inspiration hidden behind each piece, I was enthralled. A brand where each design is so intricate, where there’s styles ranging from ethnic, Victorian and contemporary, and where each little piece of jewellery has a story to tell -- The Mauve Unitx.  

Started by jewellery designer Neha Arora in 2014, The Mauve Unitx is inspired by all things feminine. Neha’s design aesthetic translates to jewellery that is perfect for the modern woman of today. At the store, I was most drawn to the nature inspired pieces from the collection. And for someone who shudders at the thought of insects, it was a shock that the Cicada Bracelet was the first thing I picked up from The Mauve Unitx Store. Trust me because it is quite a spectacle to see me bolt at the sight of a cockroach! But, while shopping, I am always on the lookout for something new, something different and definitely something wearable. And, instead of squirming on seeing this bracelet, I was sure in a second that I had found what I wanted to style from the brand.  

While browsing through the collection, I had already started building a little story up in my head. The olive leaf statement ring was my next target, followed by the gold stackable rings to add to the embellishments. Finally, a slight hint of colour was in order with these beautiful agate earrings. No other outfit could fit the role better than my dragonfly slit maxi top. Slowly, all the pieces came together way more beautifully than I imagined.

This flowy slit top is a piece I’ve been dying to style. The colour, the cut and the print was the perfect addition to this dreamy look. A top like this is so universal and needs very minimal styling to stand out. The accessories continued the mood of the overall look and helped accentuate the ensemble further. And surprisingly, adding five different accessories to one look still did not make it too overdone!

What I love about the jewellery at The Mauve Unitx is that it stands out and while the pieces are definitely statement accessories but they don’t lose out on a delicate and feminine feel. All the contemporary pieces are gold plated costume jewellery and ethnic pieces are made of real silver with semi precious stones and kundan. Despite this, I feel that they are quite affordable, for the quality and usability that they offer. The pieces from Mauve Unitx can help in creating a perfectly traditional look as well as a contemporary look. So whether it’s a wedding or a new years eve party, the store has something to offer for it all. Do check out their collection on Facebook or at their quaint little store off 100ft road Indiranagar, Bangalore.

Me in the wild? A farce, maybe. But I can safely say that nature-inspired pieces are definitely going far with me this season.

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Photography: Gurpreet Kaur (