Featuring Knitted Dress from Splash
Bomber Jacket - Vintage | Statement Earrings - Auhna Creations |
Heels - Boutique, Italy | Trainers - New Look

Fashion blogger or not, we’re all on a constant shopping quest to finding something new, something different or actually just something that no one else has! This takes me to a little story about my experience with Splash. I’d have to confess that before last week, I rarely ever shopped there. But after coming back to Bangalore, my eager search for newness took me on an afternoon trip to the Splash store here. Another confession? My hands were full with hangers waaay before I expected.

One of my picks was the featured knitted bodycon midi. Hold on, what? Did I just say bodycon? It’s  well-known that bodycon dresses are alien to my closet. Yet, I didn’t just take this one off the rack but also dared to bring it back home with me. With this dress, I took my first little leap over a lineup of body insecurities. Because let’s just be honest, we invest a futile amount of time caring about petty inhibitions when the idea of flawlessness in itself is a flaw. Hence presenting, the more empowered and a bit more confident version of me - in a bodycon dress.

Although the dress was a new silhouette, the styling still remained very native. An oversized bomber jacket with my go-to trainers or chunky heels and a classic statement earring - it all fell into place perfectly. Simple, not overly “pretty” and most importantly comfortable, just the way I like it.

When it comes to clothing, there is an excitement attached in how many ways I can style the same piece. Luckily, my Splash haul did not seem to disappoint in this aspect. Stay tuned and you’ll see what I mean!

Photography: My Feet Stories