In A Wanderer's Shoes


Dragging your suitcase out of the loft, sitting in front of an open closet pondering over what to carry, making endless to-do lists and researching on places to visit - all this characterizes an action-packed day a.k.a. the day before travel. Those of you who follow me on Instagram are well aware of my multiple travel plans of late and although it gets hectic, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. That’s what travel does to you! New cities, delicious food, different people and an endless amount of experiences (also with some shopping here and there!) - I don’t think I can ever get enough! The idea for this series of posts also stemmed from these eventful journeys.

With a continuous process of packing and unpacking and spending days living out of a suitcase, I like to believe that I am a self-certified professional packer. Jokes apart, I really have gotten better at packing light and packing right. So I came to realize that the single most important thing to be paid attention to while traveling is shoes. They need to be comfortable and obviously cannot compensate on style. Therefore, all these thoughts are what inspired this feature on my blog. Over the weekend, the blog will feature what I like to call - The Smitten Story.

Part One of The Smitten Story is about someone known as The Wanderer. Unknown lands, undiscovered terrains, long road trips, infinitely wide meadows, lush forests - The Wanderer has seen it all. While I may not be much of an adventure junkie, this character took me back to those long road trips to hill stations and the train rides where you’d discover something new every time you’d glance out of the window.

Keeping the outfit simple (something I usually do while travelling), I created looks with different shoes that would be perfect for long travels. The two styles key to this feature are sandals and loafers. The crocodile print sandals were much more comfortable than I expected them to be. A similar print is also available in a strappy peep-toe style for someone a bit more feminine. Both these sandals are neutral and would go with multiple outfits. If sandals seem too plain, loafers are definitely another travel friendly alternative to get you set for your expedition.

While selecting shoes for The Wanderer, my major focus was of course on comfort and none of these shoes failed me. Comfortable shoes with a dash of style will get you prepared to pack your bags and set off into unknown lands and create a new story of your own.

Part Two of the Smitten Story is out tomorrow! Stay tuned for more shoe madness!



Photography: Divya Raveendran (

Black Midi Dress - Padini, Concept Store | Beige Cardigan - Thrifted, KL | Tropical Headband - Forever 21 | Brown Bucket Bag - Zara | Aztec Backpack - Atmosphere | Silver Cuff - Aldo | Ring - Colaba | Layered Necklaces - Flea Market