Whirling Hues


Royal Blue Clutch - Ank
Laser Cut Top - Street Shopping, HK | Skater Skirt - Forever 21 | Stacked Bracelets - Primark | Cuff - Aldo | Sandals - Street Shopping, HK

Pale colours, delicate gold accents, less mixing more matching, neutrals, whites and more whites. All of this describes my styling home - a safe haven of sorts where my comfort lies. But there comes a time when you have to move out and venture into something new, something exciting; be it in the smallest way possible. I have been really big on trying new things of late and this post is all about a little step that led me to move out, and discover change.

Sticking true to my usual feminine style, I planned a shoot with a skater skirt and a pale pink blouse to accompany it. Could I say no to the hidden shoes in my closet that matched perfectly with the outfit? Absolutely not. But what I did do is add a touch of royal blue to break the monotony.

When it comes to accessorizing, I’m all about the nudes, blacks and silvers. When I saw the collection that Ank had to offer, I decided to switch up my usual game a bit. I ignored all the basics and went straight for the royal blue clutch.  While I would never mix pale pink with royal blue, I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I’ve come to realize that there are so many outfits the bag goes with! The colour is a bright addition to the season’s autumnal tones, the size is compact and it can work with a dressy or a casual look. Finding a highlight piece like this one is the best way to transform an otherwise simple outfit. The bag I've styled is also available in many pop colours. You can check out more of their collection here.

I don’t see myself ever losing the simple-dressing self but for now I’m loving my time outside my comfort zone! 

Photography: Gurpreet Kaur (gurrpreet.tumblr.com)